Bilkent University

Function Approximation Repository

This is a repository of data sets collected mainly by searching resources on the web. Most of the data sets are used for the experimental analysis of function approximation techniques and for training and demonstration by machine learning and statistics community. The original sources of most data sets can be accessed via associated links. The donations of data for function approximation are welcome.

Prepared by
Dr. H. Altay Guvenir and Ilhan Uysal, 2000.

A compressed tar file (Data.tar.gz) containing all data sets is available.

H. Altay Guvenir and I. Uysal, Bilkent University Function Approximation Repository,, 2000.

Abalone (AB)

Ailerons (AI) Airport (AP) Auto-Mpg (AU) Baseball (BA) Basketball (BK) Bolts (BL) Breast Tumor (BT) Buying (BU) Computer Activity (CA) Computer Hardware (CH) Cholestrol (CL) Country (CN) College (CO) Cloud (CU) Education (ED) Electric (EL) Echo Months (EM) Electricity Usage (EU) Elevators (EV) Fat (FA) Fishcatch (FC) Fried (FR) Fruitfly (FF) Hungarian (HG) House_16H (HH) Housing (HO) Home Run Race (HR) Kinematics (KI) Longley (LO) Low Birth Weight (LW) MBA Grade (MB) Mortgage (MO) Northridge Earthquake (NE) Normal Body Temperature (NT) Pbc (PB) Pharynx (PH) Plastic (PL) 2Dplanes (PN) Pollution (PO) Pole Telecomm (PT) Poverty (PV) Pw Linear (PW) Pyrimidines (PY) Quake (QU) Read (RE) Schools (SC) Servo (SE) Sleep (SL) Sensory (SN) Stock Prices (SP) Strike (ST) Schlvote (SV) Solar Flare (S1,S2) Televisions (TV) Treasury (TR) Triazines (TZ) Usnews College (US) Veteran (VE) Villages (VL) Vineyard (VY) Weather Ankara (WA) Weather Izmir (WI)